CODEFEST_powered by A1

CODEFEST_powered by A1

Attention – the arena for IT combat is ready and the opening is 24.5.2019. at 16.00 p.m.

IT gladiators – hobbyists or professionals, passionate in programming, design, technological innovation, mobile or web application be ready for CODEFEST powered by A1 – programmer competition.

The challenge will take 24 hours wich will be enough to create solutions, have a great time and win great prizes.

For all adrenaline aspirants, this year the challenge is created by A1, and here are a few recommendations:

  • Your computer is your best friend, bring him with you
  • Work in the programming languages and tools that you have the most knowledge and experiences
  • A good backend developer in the team will be great help
  • Do not be a stranger with mobile apps
  • No one likes solo players
  • If machine learning is your thing, use your knowledge
  • You do not have to wear “lunch” packages

Applications are open until 20.5. or to capacity filling


  • Competition Dates: 24.5. – 25.5. 2019 (from 16.00 p.m.)
  • The competition is held at the Dom mladih in Koprivnica
  • The teams consist of min. 2 and max. 4 members
  • Programming takes 24 hours (from 17 p.m. to 17 p.m.)
  • Teams get a specific task at the spot of competition
  • Team support is ensured throughout the competition, in other words when “everything get stuck” mentors are there to direct you and help you
  • Solutions do not have to be finalized during the competition
  • Ideal solutions and innovative approach are evaluated

Team awards:

  1. award: 1.344 EURO (10.00,00 HRK)
  2. award: 538 EURO (4.000,00 HRK)
  3. H18 box + surprise

Koprivnički poduzetnik (Entrepreneurial Incubator Koprivnica) along with A1 Croatia is organizer of „CODEFEST_ powered by A1“ and with Partners: City of Koprivnica and Komunalac there are numerous sponsors: A1, IN2 group, Infinum, Hangar18…